About Karen

Karen Muha is a aqua fitness professional and fitness coach that is dedicated and passionate about helping people stay fit physically and mentally through exercise. Karen's expertise is in working with individuals with mobility issues and empowering them to take charge of their life and live an active lifestyle. Wherever people are on their fitness journey, a novice or very experienced, Karen's uses compassionate self-care to help those she trains meet and exceed their fitness and health goals.


Karen works one-on-one with students, professionals or people who just want to get better at speaking in front of audiences.


Karen delivers inspiring talks about health, wellness and importance self care to groups and companies all over northern New Jersey.


Karen runs workshops for all different ages to inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and learn the art of public speaking in a safe and fun environment.


Here's what Karen's audience and clients say about her speaking ability and coaching style.

Kristina Domingues, Pharm.D.

Toastmasters International started our friendship. Karen and I met 3 years ago at our local public speaking club. She has been a wonderful mentor, colleague, and friend. Karen has achieved the highest ranking in Toastmasters, namely DTM, or Distinguished Toastmaster. On average, it takes 6-9 years to achieve. But, that statistic did not stop her. Small steps lead to big outcomes. She is never too busy to listen and give useful advice. Karen has always been one of my favorites in our club and in life. She is a magnetic, passionate speaker who has a way of drawing in her audience to make them hang on her every word. Karen lights up the room with her smile and friendly disposition. I am grateful to have her in my life.

Certified Immunizing Pharmacist - Union Avenue Pharmacy

Betty Epple

Karen Muha is honest and dependable. Karen would be an asset to any group interested in learning and moving forward with integrity. She is cheerful, energetic and highly motivated to help and coach others. I highly recommend her.

Community Speaker, Somerset County

Kristen Grieco

“I first met Karen 6 years ago when she offered to speak to my senior group about self-care and staying healthy through exercise. I didn’t intend on sitting through the whole program but she was so engaging and charismatic that I didn’t want to leave. Through her personal stories and humor, Karen evokes the audience to draw upon their own experiences which makes it a fun, interactive session every time. I feel that everyone regardless of age can truly benefit from attending one of Karen’s speaking engagements.”

Senior Wellness Center, Basking Ridge

Craig Bowen

“Karen's ability to speak from the heart makes her talk so riveting. She is incredibly inspiring. I felt like I could run a marathon after her talk.”

President - Gold Pride Printing

Dan Hollis

"Sometimes people need hope, motivation, to be inspired.  They also need someone to remind them why hitting the pause button and reflecting on what a “gift” life truly is, is so important. Karen has those rare qualities to inspire us all. She is truly a gifted orator and has the ability to just light up a room and energize everyone when she speaks…even help people believe more in themselves! Whether you hire Karen to come in and speak on leadership, health and wellness, classes on public speaking or any other topic that can help you grow as a human being…you will be so amazed at what comes out of it! I know, I have witnessed it."

President - The Magic of Selling

Where Karen Speaks

Below are some of the organizations that have Karen speak on various topics of health & wellness, the power of positive thinking and being your authentic self.


Here are some fun facts about public speaking and communication.

% of Americans who have a phobia of speaking in front of groups.
Million Americans that have a social phobia.
% of Americans that are overweight or obese (according to a study from the Lancet).
% of America adults with hypertension (according to the CDC).

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